Understanding the essence of ‘Box Office’ in Nepal

Generally, the cinema halls take over 25% of the earning and the remaining 75% of the earning comes to film-makers and distributors.

हाम्रो कथा २०७५ माघ १ गते १२:३९

Before implementing the idea of ‘Box Office’, there was no official tracking mechanism to quantify the sales of movie tickets and distribution agents. The concept of ‘Box Office’ had been controversial in Nepal for a long period of time. General people mostly had no idea about the essence of Box Office.

For about half a century, Nepali film makers and distributors were adversely affected, as there was no mechanism to authorize their proportion of earning.

With our film industry affected by Bollywood and Hollywood movies, “Box Office” was never a vague concept to implement in Bollywood and Hollywood. Yet, Nepal took a long time bringing procedures to practice.

With the news that office box came to implementation in Kathmandu valley from 15th July, 2018 (1st Shrawan), 2075 and 15th January, 2019 (1st Magh), the film makers and distributors of Nepal actually have a base to feel congruent.

What is Box Office?

For general layman’s understanding, we can understand, box office is a small ticket counter in the entrance door of cinema halls. The concept of Box Office originally started in 1786 A.D, as the cinema adopted the simple procedural practice learning from the entrance counter of drama theaters. Yet, the game was not that simple at international level too. It took 200 more years to recognize the practice of Box Office through legal bodies.

Thus, the process of transparently presenting the income flow/ earning of a certain film is actually the Box Office. We are officially track the statistics of quality and amount of tickets sold in each show.

In this way, the existing problem of theaters not presenting real statistics of tickets sold to the film makers, distributors comes to an end. With effective implementation of Box Office, all details of tickets sold are available on online ticket booking platforms (websites) as well. Authentic details are now available at fingertips.

On the other side, Box Office has been a need of time to some film-makers, who would create their movie’s commercial success buzz themselves. This social tendency also comes to an end this way.

Reflecting upon the International marketplace…

Box Office India, Box Office Mojo, Koimoi, Show Biz Data and numbers have been providing better insights to movies’ details. The statistics of movies from the early 20th century are scarcely available. For collecting the data of movies from the past is based on data achieves of the movie theaters. With emerging time, different research institutions are raising to conduct such qualitative research on box office collection.

Nevertheless, different media sources publishes the box office statistics as well. The media reporting and researches especially conducted in the USA, are still identified as credible source of box office reporting.

Since 1930, there has been the healthy practice of inquiring, publishing, presenting about the movies that succeed to top the box office charts. Initially, the list of most commercially successful movies was first published in 1946 AD. During the time being, the box office chart would be occupied by movies of the USA and Canada crossing 400,000 USD in the list.

Why is Box Office important ?

Unfortunately, there have been incidents in Nepal were film-makers have gone bankrupt and cinema halls have made huge money from the same film. Generally, the cinema halls take over 25% of the earning and the remaining 75% of the earning comes to film-makers and distributors.

Hence, the practice of Box Office will bring equitable fair practices to all stakeholders, film-makers, film distributors and cinema halls.

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