Food is an ingredient binding human emotions!

Connecting Nepali food to international emotions

हाम्रो कथा २०७५ मंसिर २१ गते १५:४५

Food is the ingredient that binds humans together.

Question: Out of the various Nepali delicacies, which cuisine has the potential to grow commercially?

Answer: Commercial taste does is not a wimp created by an individual choice. A mass acceptance, trend of consuming something on regular basis makes any food commercial. Twenty years ago, Mo: Mo was eaten with neutral preserved liquid soup. With change in time, Mo:Mo has come with hot soup, Jhol Momo most preferred in winter.

Question: What are the Nepali cuisine not so popular commercially at present, deserve to and have the ability to establish its taste in the market?

Answer: Yes, there are a many cuisine we can look forward to. Let us take an example of ‘Bhakka’ of eastern terai. Biwaash Kafle started with Bhakka House in Kathmandu. Bhakka is doing really good in Kathmandu. Next, Pakku can be another delicacy from the eastern Nepal as well. Pakku if commercialized can go really very well.

Question: What are the Nepali cuisine most preferred by foreigners are have wide scope of branding outside Nepal ?

Answer: Our original food identity ‘Dal Bhat’ is preferred by everyone visiting Nepal, any tourist offered datbhat wouldn’t reject eating datbhat if offered in their land also. Apart from this, Newari Khaja Set is another food we can look forward to brand. Additionally, Dhido is also a taste with health we can synchronize to foreigners diet.

Question: Which Nepali food has been able to establish itself in foreign market?

Answer: Everest frozen Momo has already built its market in Australia. Nepal’s Churpi has also been highly demanded outside Nepal. Churpi is popular as Dog Chew in the international market. Next, coffee grown in greater altitude also has good recognition in Nepal. ‘Coffee Beans’ of Nepal are highly valued in the international arena.

Questions: How does food connect itself to the consumers?

Answer: There is an emotional connection in between the food and consumers. Food related to the heart and stomach, so is attached to a lot of choices, likes and delight. Hence, the five human senses relate to the food we consume. With the texture of the food, attitude and behaviour of the team members is also a considerable factor, that links human emotions with food. Garnishing serves a vital role in playing with the feeling and perception of people towards the food. The salutation, respect we project to the customers overall binds the environment to we offer.

(Based on conversation with Pankaj Khadka, the founder of Michael Grill restaurant.)



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