Taltalaiya: An unique, attractive park in Itahari

हाम्रो कथा २०७५ मंसिर १५ गते १७:४७

Where can we see a stone statue park in Nepal? It is found in TalTalaiya, Itahari. Among the districts of eastern Nepal, Itahari is one of the most fast growing cities of Nepal.

Talatalaiya is only 5 kilometers away from the center of Itahari main road. The park covers an area of 76.75 hectares. Being apart from the center, the park is becoming the center of attraction of the district. In terms of coverage of land, it is big enough space for the park.

The park was discovered in 1999, when a group of people explored inside destroyed a huge shrub forest for the sake of gathering.

There are five lakes in Taltalaiya. Taal means lake in Nepal, hence it is named Taaltalaiya. Boat is rowed in the lake. It takes Rs.200 to get a boat ride. Hindus, worship water resources as pilgrimages. For such worshipers, the lake has become a pilgrimage to visit.

Earlier, it was an abundance piece of land, people would haphazardly hang out. With the efforts of the local government of Itahari, it is an organized park now. There is well planned tree plantation, cottages and resting spaces throughout the park.

The park gained establishment, after black topped roads were built in the place. Tourists started to visit.

The major tourists of the park are Nepalis. Foreigners visiting the park is rare. Among the foreigners, most of them are Indians. After construction of road, there is added nine cottages, an office building and five toilets. In 2015, an additional children park also has been set up with children play in it.

There are limited zoo outside Kathmandu valley. An organized zoo has been set up in Taaltalaiya. Horse, tortoise, monkey, wild cat, porcupine, rabbit, deer, turkey, fox are well conserved in the zoo. The park is looking forward to add more animals, flora and fauna to the zoo.

The central attraction of the park is stone statue of the park. Danush Yakhya from Fine Art Campus built this statue in 2015. There are 28 other scriptures in the park premises. Sculptures from Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Israel and India have build one one statues and rest are made by Nepali artists.

Including Sunita Rana, Om Khatri, Lalkaji Lama, Dhanu Yakha, Naradmuni Haatmchhali and Himmat Nemwang have contributed in building the statue.

The future plans for TalTalaiya…

The tourists are soon ride a steamer. The procedure of installing a steamer is on going.

Rabi Tuladhar, a visitor from Biratnagar says, “I have visited many parks all over Nepal. Among the parks, this is one of the finest and well as the most attractive parks in Nepal.

From a mini zoo, ponds and statue parks there is a variety in the park. You won’t end up roaming around the park in  a single day. You need a more day.

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